5 Questions That Will Transform Your Life

By | July 5, 2016

Have you ever felt completely stuck in life? Not knowing which direction to move in next? If you are human, chances are you have said yes! Most people will go through this feeling of being stuck at least once in their lives if not more. Mostly when we are feeling stuck what has happened is that our brain has gone into a complete frenzy and is throwing out contradictory thoughts at us at such a high speed that we simply freeze and stop dead in our tracks. 

And then all that comes out of our mouth is “nothing is right and I don’t even know why?” Ever experienced that before? Well! Asking yourself the right questions is an excellent way to get out of the confusion and find the answers you need to take your life to the next level. The right questions will stimulate the mind and help you simplify the confusion! When you will ask yourself these questions, you will get the answers that you need to transform your life!


  1. How am I my own biggest obstacle?

Even though we all love to play victim and blame others for our situation and unhappiness somewhere deep inside we know that we are our own biggest enemy. We talk ourselves out of things that would lead to success and happiness. We procrastinate. We compare ourselves harshly to others. We fail to recognize our hidden talents and gifts. We spend our lives serving others at the cost of our own happiness, hoping that someday the favor will be returned. Correct? So let’s for once be honest with ourselves!

  • Make a list of the ways you have been your own worst enemy in the past. Be on the lookout for these same patterns in the future.
  1. How can I use more of the useful knowledge and skills I already have?

The average person in today’s world has access to enough knowledge to make at least a  million dollars, have a great looking healthy body, have perfect relationships and live a life full of abundance. And yet we suffer because we refuse to use all the great things we already know.

  • Consider all the things you know about good health, diet and exercise. Do you apply that knowledge?
  • How much do you know about savings, investments and managing your money? Are you using that to brighten your financial future and retire young and happy?
  • How much do you know about relationships? Are you taking full advantage of that information? Why not?
  • Imagine what your life would look like if you applied everything you already know. Most people are convinced they don’t know enough. In reality, they just don’t act on what they already know neither do they stop being counterproductive!
  • Make a list of everything you do that you know you shouldn’t. Then make a list of everything you fail to do, but you know that you should.
  1. What am I trying to control that I know I can’t? We spend far too much time worrying about things that can’t be controlled. We spend too little time effectively controlling those things that are within our realm of control. Most of our childhood and early adulthood are spent trying to control the uncontrollable. Maturing is understanding what can be controlled and then figuring out the best way to control it.
  • What are you worrying about right now that you can’t control?
  1. Why I do the things I do? What is your motivation behind the things you do? Do you do it out of unconditional love and joy or do you do it out of expectations and compulsions? Do you consider your own joy and happiness when making decisions? Most of the things we do are for others. We might think we’re going to the gym for ourselves, but we might actually be going to impress others, or may be we are trying to win over someone’s heart! When will we stop living for others and start living for ourselves?
  • Ask yourself how much of what you do in a day are you actually doing for yourself? How many things do you do only because you are trying to belong?
  • Are your goals about satisfying yourself or impressing others? Are you only trying to live up to the expectations of others?
  • What is most important to me? We spend too much time on frivolous activities, largely because we haven’t defined our priorities. What is most important to you?
  • If you could only have one career for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  • If you could only be with one person for the rest of your life, what characteristics would that person possess?
  • What are the three places you’d most like to visit?
  • What are the three things you’d most like to accomplish?
  • What are you going to make a priority in your life?

Consider the questions you ask yourself on a regular basis. In one form or another, most people are asking themselves, “How can I put things under the carpet and distract myself until…” By asking yourself more effective questions, you’ll get the answers you need to put your life into balance and live a more happy, satisfying and fulfilling life.

–  By Nidhika Bahl


8 thoughts on “5 Questions That Will Transform Your Life

    1. nidhikabahl Post author

      Thank you Kavita for your kind and loving words😊

  1. Andrew Chadbourne

    It’s the questions that we ask that define the answers we get. These questions are transformational in that they can lead us to break through our limits.

    1. nidhikabahl Post author

      Yes Andrew! You are so right! Thank you for writing to me 😊

    1. nidhikabahl Post author

      Thank you Aakanksha for your kind words 😊


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